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Artwork Type: Artist Book

Medium: Silkscreen, linocut, chine collé,hand drawing

Dimensions: 7 in W x 11.5 in H x 0.5 in D

Binding Type: Pamphlet binding

Edition: one of a kind

Collection: The Library of Congress, Special collection, Washington, D.C.

NOT Available:

“Marches, Student Mobilization in Chile” is a unique book that shows one of the most powerful social movements of the Chile. The National Student Confederation of Chile (CONFECH) convened a mobilization to protest for the funding of Education in the country.

The phenomenon has trespassed all kinds of ruling socio-economic barriers, in a country marked by inequality. The most diverse communication milestones have propelled the trajectory of a mobilization that will without a doubt leave a track in the history of Chile. Students demand, among other points, the need of profit, the end of profit in private educations that receive government grants, free public education and the return of schools management from Municipalities to State.

Through a pop-up structure in the center of the book, the image depicts the strength from the students and their demands against the government. Combined with some of the millions messages from the actual cartels during the demonstrations is that "Marches" disseminates the injustices in the Chilean education until these days.

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