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COLONIA DIGNIDAD / DYSTOPIC UTOPIA [2018]  © All rights reserved

This project is in collaboration with the National Archive of Chile, the Association of Memory and Human Rights of Colonia Dignidad and current lawyer of the case, Winfried Hempel

Edition Size: unique

Medium: kinetic steel sculptural book, handmade hinges

Dimensions: 15 x15 x 2 (closed), opens to varied dimensions and shapes

Binding Type: steel handmade box with felt

Medium:Installation with Kinetic metal sculpture and metal box (30 x 30 inches extended),4 channel audio piece using oral history archives from a member of Colonia Dignidad, 13.5 minutes,(translated into English and Spanish),3 hour endurance performance, 15 minutes video edition of endurance performance, research documentation composed of: drawings, notes, photographs, prints, and xeroxes. 

Colonia Dignidad (1961-1997) was an infamous yet ‘secret’ commune in southern Chile that was operated as a torture center by former German Nazi military officers and the Chilean DINA (National Intelligence Directorate) of the Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990) and with the knowledge and collaboration of American intelligence agencies and government officials. Members and leadership of the Colonia Dignidad committed multiple crimes against humanity, including torture, execution, and child abuse. Today the various criminal cases remain primarily unprosecuted and unresolved, due to the lack of political will, unresolved issues of legal jurisdiction, statute of limitations, the death of most of the principal offenders and the questionable legal status of the Colonia Dignidad which had been recently re-incorporated as an autonomous agricultural production center and renamed Villa Baviera.

Exhibited at:  

The Print Center, Philadelphia, PA, Solo show, 2023

Matucana 100, Santiago, Chile, 2023

LAartShow, DIVERSEartLA with The Musuem of the Americas I AMA, Los Angeles, CA, 2021

Center for Book Arts, Solo show, New York City, 2019

Animal Gallery, Solo show, Santiago, Chile, 2019

The Print Center, Philadelphia, PA, Solo show, 2019

Artists Space, with Whitney Musuem ISP, New York City, 2018

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