C O M I N G   S O O N  / virtual opening / "Action Performance"/ May. 2021 / One Moment Art / Matucana100 / Santiago Cultura/  via IG

The Javelin Project: the (in)tension of Freedom, 2021

In collaboration with choreographer Jose Vidal

The Javelin Project, performance, Santiago, Chile, 2021. Maria Veronica San Martin y Benjamin Marchant. ph. Martina Sibori

This ritual-performance explores the concept of migration, resistance, and freedom through the history of the ancestral spear to the professional javelin. Inspired by my early passion for sports, and more specifically on the javelin throw as a woman athlete during the 90s, the project seeks to reflect on issues of power and patriarchy through a choreography based on simple movements from the early aboriginal cultures to the capitalism system we inhabited.


The Javelin Project, performance, Santiago, Chile, 2021. Performed by Daniela Santibañez, Tomas Riveros, Benjamin Marchant,

Imanol Ibarra and Maria Veronica San Martin. Choreography by Jose Vidal. video still. Paula Leonvendagar

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The Javelin Project, research, Chile, 2021. Athletic trainer Alejandra Herrera and Maria Veronica San Martin. ph. Salvador E.

San Martin_The Javein Project. The (in)T

The Javelin Project, Chile, 2021. Handcrafted javelins made of wood, copper, metal and wool. ph. Martina Sibori



The Javelin Project



M.Veronica San Martin


Jose Vidal



Andrés Abarzúa 


Daniela Santibañez

Benjamín Marchant

Tomas Riveros

Imanol Ibarra

M.Veronica San Martin


María Veronica San Martin 


Paula Leonvendagar

Martina Sivori

Video Edits: 

M.Veronica San Martin

Paula Leonvendagar

Martina Sivori



to my trainers: Alejandra Herrera, Victor Trujillo, Mauricio Catalán

Project assistant: Soledad Novoa 

Parque Metropolitano de Santiago

Ministerio de Urbanismo y Vivienda

Gobierno de Chile


The Javelin Project exhibitions & Performance Events

One Moment Art, Matucana100, Santiago Cultura, SCL (May, 2021)

West Chester University with Vitrina Lab, Philadelphia, PA (Sep. 2021)

all rights reserve, 2021

San Martin_The Javein Project. The (in)T